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GJ Jewellery - Emas Bangkok Bracelet - Gelang Coco, Biskut/Biscuit Tawar, Pulut Dakap {Original Emas Bangkok}
Price RM34.00 - RM74.00 RM125.00 - RM165.00
Product SKU BKK-Top7-Combo-1
Brand Golden Jaguar Jewellery
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Bracelet Type
Bracelet Size
  • Length: 17CM - 19CM
  • 24K Gold Plated COP gi6
  • Long Lasting & Durable for daily wear
  • Finest Handcrafted
  • Free Premium Gift Box / Pouch
GJ Jewellery Emas Bangkok 24k

* Material : 24K Gold Plated / Emas Bangkok
* Type : Bracelet
* Size 17CM - 19CM
* Ada cop gi6 (Give Me Luck)

Coco Clip - TIADA COP
Coco Cangkuk S - ADA COP
Biskut Tawar Full Gold - TIADA COP
Biskut Tawar Mix (Sliver + Gold) - TIADA COP
Pulut Dakap Gold - TIADA COP
Pulut Dakap Mix (Sliver + Gold) - TIADA COP
Pulut Dakap Mix (Sliver + Gold) - TIADA COP

BOLEH tanya kalau tak jumpa Size

Symbolyze of love, appreciation and beauty.
100% Trusted Seller
100% Quality Guaranteed
100% Customer Satisfaction
Long Lasting & Durable for daily wear / Tahan Lasak lebih setengah tahun ke 1 Tahun atas
Finest Handcrafted / Dibuat dengan yang terbaik
Feel Free to chat with us via Live Chat for Size matter / Kalau tak jumpa size anda boleh message kita di Chat
Best design just for you
100% Brand New
Free Premium Gift Box / Pouch (PER Transaction)


️ Jewelry Maintenance ️
Prevent Perfumes
Prevent Chlorine / Salt Water
Don't use Lotion when Wear Emas Korea
No Chemicals
No Sanitizer

Basic Cleaning Process
Using a soft toothbrush and brush on the surface of the jewelry.
If you wish to re-shine or maintain the shininess of your jewelry, please using jewelry polishing cloth.
You may get the tool from any of your local goldsmith.

Looking for a gift that is sure to put a smile on their faces?


️ Lucky for you, this Emas Korea 24k with gi6 cop (on Hook S/Cangkuk S) will just do that for you.
It is always the perfect present for birthdays, Raya, Christmas, Events and any special occasions that you want to make even more special.
Get it Now! Remember get for yourself too! :)

Mencari hadiah yang pasti meletakkan senyuman di wajah mereka?


️ Beruntung untuk anda, Emas Korea 24k ini dengan cop gi6 (di Cangkuk S / Hook S) akan buat untuk anda. Pasti nampak senyuman manis mereka.
Ia sentiasa menjadi hadiah yang sempurna untuk Hari Lahir, Hari Raya, Krismas, Acara dan sebarang majlis khas yang anda mahu buat lebih istimewa.
Dapatkannya sekarang! Pastikan dapatkan untuk mu juga! :)

Golden Jaguar Jewellery offers 24K Plated Gold, Platinum Plated & Emas Korea in Malaysia. ️
We are based in GM Klang
Our products include bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants etc.
We are always assured that our products quality meets our price.

If you are interested to be our DROPSHIP, please Scan QR Code at our main page or chat with us by dropping a message via Shopee Chat. Thank you!
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1 x GJ Jewellery Emas Bangkok Bracelet - 

1 x GJ Premium Gift Box / Pouch